WW1 Exhibition returns to ROCKIES

On Monday 16th May ROCKIES will be opening their Great War Exhibition once again. A huge success last year to which new items have been added including a section of original WW1 press photos that have been enlarged for better viewing. Great effort and care has been placed in this showing as the artefacts have been gathered from around the world.

This Display has been dedicated to the grandfather of ROCKIES owner Jim Graves. JAMES  DRUMMOND  who  was originally from Dunfermline SCOTLAND  served with the Royal Canadian Regiment after enlisting in 1915 at Halifax CANADA.  He was wounded in FRANCE in August 1916.

Here at ROCKIES we feel you would appreciate a visit to our Great War Exhibition. Please leave your comments in our guest book. If interested in organising a group tour for a complete running commentary then call this number 0771 7774678

Free WIFI in Rockies

Rockies now has free WiFi


Yesterday a cardboard poster tube arrived at ROCKIES. The contents inside just blew Rockies owner Jim Graves away. It happened to be a signed photo of one of the hockey greats BOBBY  ORR sent by the man himself. The photo is the famous shot of BOBBY flying thru the air after he scored the Stanley Cup winning goal in Boston Gardens on the 10th May 1970. Without question one of the most recognised hockey shots in the history of the game.

 This piece which is currently being framed is now one of the most prized pieces in ROCKIES. Jim went on to say that he is speachless to the fact that one of the greatest players to play hockey has taken the time to send a signed photo from one of his special moments in his career. Jim is hopeful that BOBBY will pay a visit sometime in the future.

Opening of WW1 Exhibition in ROCKIES Monday 16th May 2016
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